"Sit, stay, and relax because we'll come to you..."

Don’t forget to take advantage of our “Maintenance Program” and save! Ask our Groomer for details and how you can continue to get discounts on every service.
Once an appointment is booked you and your furry friends can sit, stay, and relax because we’ll come to you!

24 hours prior to your appointment one of our team members will call or email to remind you of your pets’ pampered day and appointment time.

To us our first appointment is our most important appointment. Our Groomer’s have the great opportunity to meet you and your loved pets. It is very important to our Groomer that we spend a little time with our pet’s owner to learn all about your furry friend. At One Stop it is our philosophy that our client’s furry friends are in a stress free environment. Your pets’ safety and comfort is our number one priority. That is why we like to spend a little extra time in the beginning to get to know everyone a little better.

Have you ever had your dog professionally groomed at your house or office?

If not, no worries! Now is the time to give it a try! At One Stop Mobile Pet Grooming one of our biggest values is the convenience for our customers, in other words we’ll make it easy for you!

New Experience

(619) ONE-PET1

                                  (619) 663-7381

Upon arrival we will analyze your pets’ health, coat, skin, nails, and ears, as well as, discuss the services that were booked and verify the approximate cost which was previously given is correct. It is important at this time for you to let us know of any special treatment required, health problems, or any abnormal behavior. Nothing says good dog like a delicious treat! Please advise our Groomer if your pup is on a special diet or cannot have treats.

All done

Once everything is complete our Groomer will receive payment by cash, check, or credit card (via Square- Visa, MC, Disc, Amex). Our Groomers accept tips, although it is not required but is a great way to say “thanks, I loved your service!” If you are not around for the appointment please set-up payment arrangements in advance.

Everyone feels better when wearing a fresh coat

Once we are finished our Groomer will return your happy pet and give you a full report on how they did. Don’t be surprised to see your furry friend prancing about or with their tongue out and a big smile on their face. Just like people it feels good to look good! Once again, we strive on our customer service and want to make sure you are completely satisfied. Please let our Groomer know if there are any final adjustments that you would like made prior to us leaving.
From there we will take your furry friend back to our self-sustained mobile salon, which will be parked as close as possible to your home or office and doesn’t require any water or electrical hook-ups from you.

Arrival on the first appointment

Are you phone shy? Or maybe found our website after business hours? 
No problem! Send us an email from our contact page and a Professional Groomer will response promptly.

Here's what to expect

Once you call us, a Professional Animal Lover is on the other line ready to help. This person will ask you a few questions to help figure out the best mobile grooming service you are looking for and an approximate cost. They will also ask where you are located, as well as, the best day and time to set-up an appointment.

We'll remind you